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Lexus Tire Rotation & Balance Guide

Lexus Tire Rotation & Balance Guide

The seasons are changing in Edmonton… And so should your tires. 

Your tires’ health is crucial to a safe drive, and the Lexus South Pointe team is committed to the safety of all our guests. Get your tires rotated, balanced, and swapped out as the weather warms up.

Learn more about how a Lexus tire rotation works, when to change your tires, how to make tires last longer, and when to replace them with our Lexus Tire Price match offer below. 

Brand new seasonal Lexus tires in a vehicle showroom.

Lexus Tire Rotation and Balance

Rotating and balancing tires can be one of the most effective methods of lengthening your tire’s lifespan. It’s important to keep your tires healthy for longer, seeing as a set of tires can be costly to replace often.

So, what does a ‘tire rotation and balance’ mean? 

Tire Rotation

When your tires are rotated, they are removed from your vehicle and replaced from one axle to another, from right to left and front to back. Meaning, your front left tire will now be placed on your back right of the vehicle. 

While this can be done yourself, many of our guests prefer to get it done in our service center. It’s significantly easier for us to do with the tools we have at our disposal (like jacking the vehicle off the ground) and you can simultaneously get your tires balanced.

A mechanic rolling a tire around in an auto service center.

Why a Lexus Tire Rotation is Important

Your tire tread on your front tires typically wears away faster than on your back tires. This can be dangerous, as it’s easier to lose control of your vehicle with less tread on your front tires.  Rotating your tires can keep tread wear more evenly distributed and is a great safety measure.

Additionally, regularly rotating your tires allows all four to be worn out at the same rate. This means you can buy a complete set of tires at once rather than in stages!

When to Rotate Your Tires

Most tire manufacturers recommend getting a tire rotation every 8,000-12,000 kilometres. A great time to get your tires rotated is when you get an oil change! The next time you get your tires or oil changed, ask our service team to do a tire rotation. 

While this is a good rule of thumb, you can check your Lexus owner’s manual to double-check your tire specifications. 

An auto mechanic removes and rotates the tires on a vehicle.

Learn more about Lexus Canada tire types, wheel alignments, and tire sizes here.

Tire Balance

Getting your tires balanced is done by an experienced mechanic, usually at the same time as a rotation as the tires are already off the vehicle. 

A mechanic will use a computerized spin-balancing machine to check if your tires are balanced. The tire spins at high speeds on the machine, and the computer can read if the weight of the tire and wheel is balanced. If not, the technician can place thin metal pieces or weights on the tire rim to counterbalance the imbalance. 

A mechanic tests the balance and alignment of a tire.

Need to get your tires rotated and balanced? Get them done at our service center by booking an appointment, or at your next oil change. 

Why Tire Balance Is Important

Weight should be equally distributed around the tire’s circumference so that the tire can operate correctly. When tires are out of balance, it can cause premature wear and tear of your vehicle’s suspension, tires, rotating, and steering components. Not only that, but it can cause an unpleasant drive with uncomfortable vibrations!

When to Tire Balance

While a tire balancing service is performed when you buy new tires at Lexus South Pointe, you should consider getting your tires balanced when you notice uneven tread wear or vibrations.

Times to consider getting your tires rebalanced can also be when you get a flat tire repaired, or when you hit a curb or pothole. This may also call for a vehicle alignment, especially if you notice uneven wear and tear on your tires, or your car pulling in one direction while steering.

We recommend getting your tires balanced whenever you get your tires rotated, or when you change season tires. 

A tire on a computerized spin-balancing machine for checking the balance and alignment of a car tire.

It’s Tire Swap Season

As the seasons change it’s also time to change your winter tires. This is a great time to get your tires changed, rotated, and balanced all in one go. We prioritize our Lexus guests’ comfort and our team values your time.

Getting tires changed and serviced in one service appointment saves you time and energy, allowing you to keep up with life’s busy pace.

Why a Tire Change is Important

Using your winter tires in summer can increase the risk of a blowout, due to the rubber and tread wearing down quicker. 

Winter tires don’t grip as effectively in warm or wet weather compared to all-season or summer tires, increasing your risk of hydroplaning.

Alternatively, when winter rolls around, you don’t want to be driving on summer tires. Your tire tread may stiffen and cause your tire to lose its elasticity… not to mention not having enough grip for the icy Canadian roads.

Winter tires on a vehicle on a snowy road.

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Lexus Tire Price Match Offer

If you need new tires for the new season, our Lexus Tire Price Match offer is calling your name.

We will match the advertised price on any of our all-season or winter tires from any of the top 16 tire brands sold at Lexus dealerships across Canada. This also means that If you purchase tires from us and find them advertised for a lower price somewhere else, we will reimburse the difference!

Learn more about our Tire Price Match offer here

Book your Lexus Tire Rotation

Are you ready to get your tires rotated and balanced? Our Edmonton Lexus Dealership is here to service all vehicle makes and models with our extended service hours. 

Check out our service specials and book your tire change appointment with Lexus here.

Need to buy new tires? View our tire selection here.

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