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How Tire Price Match Promise Works

How Tire Price Match Promise Works

Need to purchase new winter tires?  This post explains How Tire Price Match Promise Works and how it always helps you find the right tires for your Lexus at the right price.

Lexus tech checking a tire

At Lexus South Pointe, we offer the highest quality tires specifically designed to optimize the performance of your Lexus. After they have been installed by one of our skilled Lexus Tire Technicians, you can have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is ready for the harsh conditions of another Edmonton winter. 

How Tire Price Match Promise Works

Lexus South Pointe will match the advertised price – including Canadian Internet quotes – on tires from any of the 16 top tire brands sold by participating Lexus Dealers. 

Even if you purchase eligible tires from a participating dealer, only to find them advertised for a lower price, we will make sure you are reimbursed the difference. 

Head to our Tire Centre to find the right winter tires for your Lexus

Lexus Tech checking winter tire pressure

Why Do I Need Winter Tires in Edmonton?

While many of our clients have lived in Edmonton for years, some of you are new to the city and have never experienced a winter here before. While winter tires are important in almost every Canadian city, they are absolutely critical for safe driving in Edmonton. 

Here are some of the benefits:

Improved Traction: Winter tires are specifically designed to perform well in frigid Edmonton temperatures. Their unique rubber compounds stay flexible in the cold which allows them to get a better grip on slippery surfaces. This means your Lexus will have far more traction when the snow begins to fall and the roads get slick. That enhanced grip can also make all the difference when it comes to getting out of a snowy caldesac or avoiding an accident on the Anthony Henday.  

Enhanced Braking: Winter tires provide shorter stopping distances on snow and ice compared to all-season or summer tires. This is a game changer for situations when you need to brake quickly or change course. 

Better Handling: Winter tires have a tread pattern designed to bite into snow and displace slush, providing better control and stability. This can be particularly crucial when navigating turns or curves on icy roads.

A winter tire tread pattern has four components: 

  • BLOCKS: This is the raised part of the tire that makes contact with the road and wears down after years of driving
  • SIPES: These are thin slices throughout the tread block that provide extra support on snow and ice
  • GROOVES: These are ruts around the circumference of the tire that pust water away to prevent you from hydroplaning. They are deeper in snow tires to create even more traction.
  • RIBS: These are the raised rubber sections that run around the edge of the tire to help you steer better in snow and wet roads.

Winter Tire Tread Pattern in snow

Safety: Using winter tires significantly improves your safety and the safety of others on the road. In Edmonton, sometimes it feels like winter will never end. In fact, it typically lasts from November to March. That is a lot of time driving on the road in less-than-ideal conditions. Winter tires are your best line of defence to reduce the likelihood you get in an accident during this timeframe. 

Preservation of All-Season Tires: Using winter tires during the winter months can also extend the life of your all-season or summer tires. Since winter tires are designed for cold weather and slippery conditions, they bear the brunt of winter driving wear and tear, allowing your other tires to last longer.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your vehicle is equipped with the best possible tires for winter conditions will give you the ultimate peace of mind. Especially when you find yourself in a bad or difficult driving situation. Knowing you have the right tools for the job is half the battle. 

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Winter tire

Winter Tires at Lexus South Pointe 

Winter Tires play a crucial role in overall vehicle safety and performance. We recommend having them put on your vehicle whenever the average daily temperatures fall below 7°C. Their specialized soft tread compounds dig into the snow, stick to the ice at low temperatures, and contribute to a comfortable ride on the cold pavement. They also offer enhanced vehicle stability control (VSC) operation and smoother take-off when equipped with traction control (TRAC).

Lexus tech doing a vehicle inspection

Shopping for new winter tires and want to beat the rush? Now that you know how Tire Price match works, speak to our team of experts to find out which style and brand is best suited for your particular Lexus.

Plus if you find a price lower at any of our competitors on the tire brands we offer, we promise to match it. You can also check the Edmonton weather averages here to get an idea of when the right time is to book and then pre-book your appointment online here. Have more questions about winter tires? Call us at (780) 989-2222 and be sure to follow us on Instagram and TikTok

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