If you've been shopping for a new Lexus in Edmonton, chances are you've come across the term ‘NuLuxe’ leather — the leather interior that comes standard in most of the Lexus lineup. So what makes this material different from other manufacturer interiors and why should you want it in your next vehicle? 


What is Lexus NuLuxe Leather?

Lexus NuLuxe leather is an artificial leather upholstery that looks identical to real leather but is more environmentally friendly to make and easier to take care of. In fact, NuLuxe leather is smoother, softer and more durable than other man-made materials used in competitor vehicle brands. It also produces 65% less CO2 emissions when made compared to other synthetic products. 



Who is Lexus NuLuxe Leather For?

Lexus NuLuxe leather is the perfect real-leather substitute. It looks and feels almost identical to leather but has some serious upsides. 


No Animal Products: NuLuxe leather is perfect for people who do not want animal products in their vehicles. 


Great For Cold Climates: NuLuxe leather is great for colder climates as it gets slightly uncomfortable in very hot weather. 


Reduces Environmental Impact: NuLuxe leather costs less to make and puts out 65% less CO2 emissions than other alternative leather materials. 
More Durable: NuLuxe leather is perfect for families who need a more durable material inside the vehicle but also want it to look luxurious. While cloth interiors stain and absorb liquids and smells, NuLuxe leather can be cleaned easily with the wipe of a cloth.


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Which Lexus Models Come in NuLuxe Leather?

NuLuxe leather is available in almost all Lexus models. If you prefer real leather, you can find it in all F-Sport models and Luxury and Ultra-Luxury models.


How Do I Take Care of NuLuxe Leather?

If you want the NuLuxe leather interior of your Lexus to look incredible for years to come, we have some tips on how to care for it. Remember, we highly recommend using Lexus-approved cleaners on your interior. They were chemically designed to keep the materials of your vehicle looking amazing. Feel free to reach out to our parts department today to order some. 


To clean your NuLuxe leather, add some water and Lexus cleaning solution to a micro-fibre cloth and wipe down each seat. We recommend doing this a few times a month to keep your vehicle looking like the day you bought it. We also highly recommend using UV-protecting creams in the warmer months. Get a soft bristle brush and comb the seats with the cream. 



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