At Lexus, our commitment to helping save lives and reduce highway injuries has led to the development of the Lexus Safety System + an integrated suite of advanced active safety features which are standard across the entire 2022 Lexus vehicle line-up. Some Lexus models also include the next phase of the LSS+ evolution — Lexus Safety System + 2.5. 


What Does The Lexus Safety System 2.5+ Enhance?


The Lexus Safety System 2.5+ includes additional and enhanced features, like the camera and millimetre-wave radar which have been optimized to expand the systems detection capabilities of vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists and road markings in an effort to increase the safety of our roadways. 


The Pre-Collision System now offers Intersection Support. When performing a left turn at an intersection, the system may detect an oncoming vehicle and provide an audio/visual alert and automatic emergency braking in certain conditions. The system is also capable of detecting incoming pedestrians crossing the road when turning left or right at an intersection, and providing automatic braking in certain conditions. 


Emergency Steering Assist is another pre-collision system enhancement brought by the LSS+ 2.5 package. 


This feature is designed to stabilize the driver’s emergency steering maneuver while avoiding a pedestrian or another vehicle. Emergency steering Assist provides additional steering input to correct the vehicle’s trajectory and keep it within its lane. The system may not operate if an oncoming vehicle or an obstacle that would prevent a safe evasive maneuver are detected. 


The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) also features the Curve Speed Management Function. When driving with the DRCC activated, the system will determine if the vehicle speed needs to be reduced when approaching a curve and decelerate automatically when driving through a curve if required. 


When curve speed management is active, an icon will be shown in the Multi-Information Display and Head-Up Display. The vehicle will automatically return to the preset speed after passing the curve. 


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