Big news for Lexus owners as Lexus Canada has announced that Safety Connect and Service Connect are now available with up to a 10-year trial on select models. 


This suite of available services helps drivers stay safe in a variety of situations and includes features like includes 24-hour emergency assistance, 24-hour enhanced roadside assistance, automatic collision notification, and our stolen vehicle locator. 



Even more handy are the vehicle health reports and warning light notifications that Lexus gives drivers, which can be linked to your Lexus dealer of choice — Lexus South Pointe. 


Connected Vehicle Service 


Previous trial length 

New trial length 

Safety Connect 

3 years 

Up to 10 years* 

Service Connect 

Up to 5 years 

Up to 10 years* 


What Features Are Included in Lexus Safety Connect?


Emergency Assistance (SOS)

One of the most popular features of the Lexus Safety Connect program is Emergency Assistance which can be used in any situation deemed necessary. Whether one of your passengers is having a health issue or you have just been involved in an accident, pressing the SOS button will immediately connect you to a 24-hour Safety Connect response center agent. The Agent will then locate your Lexus with GPS technology and send the appropriate emergency services to your location, all while staying on the line with you throughout the emergency. 

Enhanced Roadside Assistance


Lexus Enhanced Roadside Assistance makes the warranty-based roadside service even better thanks to GPS technology. This feature allows you to use the Emergency Assistance button to connect with 24/7 Roadside Assistance to have help sent to your exact location.

Automatic Collision Notification


If an airbag goes off in your Lexus or you have just been in a serious accident, the Lexus’ 24-hour Safety Connect response centre will be notified and a 24-hour response centre agent will reach out to you while also ordering emergency services to your location. 

What Features Are Included in Lexus Service Connect?


Vehicle Health Report


You can think of the Vehicle Health Report as a personal assistant whose job is to keep track of your vehicle’s appointments i.e. service dates. It also records things like how much engine oil you have, the battery life of your key fob and more. You can access these reports at any time through the Lexus app on your smartphone. Or have them emailed to you monthly. 

Vehicle Alerts


If something unexpected happens, Lexus Service Connect will let our team know right away so we can book you in for a service and have things remedied as soon as possible. 

Download The Lexus App


Safety Connect and Service Connect suite is available with up to a 10-year trial for clients of all equipped vehicles including 2023 ES, 2022-2023 NX, 2023 LS, 2022-2023 LX, 2023 RX, 2023 RZ and the 2022-2023 UX. Clients can access all of these incredibly convenient features through the Lexus app on their smartphones. If you have questions about the Lexus App or this suite of services, our team is here to assist you. Please contact us right away at 780-989-2222 or connect with us via Instagram or Facebook.

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