Some Lexus vehicles are equipped with Remote Touch Interface that can be used to operate the navigation and multimedia system display with fingertip control. 


How To Operate The Touchpad: Move the cursor over one with your fingertip on the touchpad. Press down on the touchpad, or double-tap it. 


Customize the Remote Touch Interface

Operation of the Remote Touch interface can be customized to your preferences by selecting SETUP on the MENU screen. Among the tasks that can be adjusted are SOUND ON/OFF and SOUND VOLUME for various actions, FEEDBACK FORCE, and CURSOR SPEED.


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Adjusting Feedback Force


To adjust FEEDBACK FORCE, select FEEDBACK on the Setup General menu. Then select either OFF or 1, 2, or 3 to set the level of FORCE FEEDBACK experience when you move your finger on the touchpad. 


The FORCE increases as the number chosen increases. And OFF means none at all. Once you’ve made your change, select the feature again to close it and hide your options. Select the BACK button to return to the previous screen and your settings will be saved. 


Adjusting Cursor Speed


To adjust the sensitivity of the cursor, select CURSOR SPEED or POINTER SPEED on the Setup General Menu. The default setting is NORMAL. Adjust the speed to FAST or SLOW to suit your preference. Then, close the screen to save. 


Adjusting The Type


A helpful feature when using the navigation system is the ability to handwrite letters on the touchpad rather than selecting letters from the onscreen keyboard. 


On the keyboard screen, select CHANGE TYPE. Then select HANDWRITING and form the desired letter with your finger on the touchpad. When the handwritten letter is complete, one or more corresponding characters as recognized by the system will appear on the screen.
Select the correct character and move on to the next letter. To EXIT handwriting mode, select the double chevron button located below the touchpad. 

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For further information on the operations of the Lexus Remote Touch interface, consult the owner's manual for your Lexus Model.

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