A Lexus Genuine Dash Camera is just one of the many perks of owning a Lexus. With a Lexus Dash Camera, you can safely record all the adventures your Lexus takes you on.

That’s not all the dash camera allows you to do, either! In addition to capturing the exciting things in life, the dash came also protects your interests by recording parking lot or roadway accidents.

It’s like having a second pair of eyes with you at all times.

How a Lexus Dash Cam Works

Your Lexus Dash Camera automatically begins recording when the vehicle’s ignition power is turned on. It’s that simple — no other action is required. When the green light stays on, the system is activated. A short, high-tone beep indicates that a startup is complete.

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Why Buy a Lexus Dash Camera?

Lexus Genuine Dash Cameras have been specifically designed for Lexus. That means manufactured to the highest standards of quality and tested for precise fit and finish.

Even better? It’s backed by a Lexus Genuine Accessory Warranty!

Here are five more reasons to own a Lexus Genuine Dash Camera!

#1 Parking Surveillance Mode

If your Lexus is hit while parked in a parking lot, the Parking Surveillance mode will automatically record for up to 60 seconds. Even if the vehicle is turned off! Then, the Dash Cam saves the file on a protected micro SD card. The owner can view it later to establish who hit them and when.

#2 Record a Collision

If your Lexus is involved in a collision, Incident Recording mode is activated automatically. Your Dash Cam protects the video footage for 12 seconds before impact and 8 seconds directly after. It is all saved on the camera’s micro SD card and is available to the driver directly after.

#3 Adventure Mode

Probably the most exciting benefit of the Lexus Dash Cam is the ability to record beautiful drives and long road adventures in your gorgeous Lexus. All while avoiding a distracted driving ticket.

To capture and protect long stretches of video/audio while driving, push and hold the Action button on the camera until the camera emits three short, high-tone beeps.

Up to 87 approximate minutes of footage will be automatically protected. To turn Adventure mode off, push and hold the Action button again until three short, high-tone beeps are emitted.

#4 No Dead Battery

Lexus installed a conserving logic battery within the dash camera meaning the vehicle battery will not drain when parked and camera is in surveillance mode.

#5 High-Quality Product

When it comes time to put a personalized touch to your Lexus, there’s no substitute for Lexus Genuine Accessories. The same is true for the Lexus Dash Camera.

With Full HD 1080p video recording and seamless audio integration, the Lexus Dash Camera is made with the highest level of care and detail.

  • No ghastly wires hanging out
  • Industrial-grade micro SD card
  • Audio recording can be disabled or enabled at any time
  • Equipped with a GPS sensor, monitoring speed, and position

Lexus really did think of everything in its design!

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Using Lexus Genuine Parts ensures your Lexus performs as it’s been designed to. Not only does the Lexus Dash Camera give you an extra set of eyes on the road and in parking lots, but it also helps you capture the magic of the drive. So you can experience amazing long after a trip.

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