Purchasing a Lexus is like starting a new relationship.

Hear us out.

Maybe you’ve had your eyes on a Lexus for years. Maybe you just fell in love with one. Whatever the case, you’re together now and you want to cherish the time you have. That means taking care of your Lexus properly.

A well-maintained vehicle is a safe vehicle. You can rely on it on all types of road conditions and weather.

A well-maintained vehicle runs more efficiently. It also costs you far less to spend the money on regular services now than shelling out money later in expensive repairs. There are many more reasons why paying close attention to your owner’s manual is a good idea.

Here are five more reasons why it’s important to maintain your Lexus.

1. You Save Money

Bringing your vehicle in for regular service appointments can feel like you’re spending a lot. Those little bills add up. But most basic services are within a few hundred dollars and they actually prevent major system failures that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. So while it might seem like a lot now, you save yourself big money down the road by catching problems early.

2. You Save Time

Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule means you control when you service. You can set up appointments months in advance and plan your life accordingly. However, skipping much-needed appointments and neglecting basic services will almost always lead to an unexpected breakdown which can take hours of your time and inconvenience your entire day.

3. Your Engine Runs Longer

Your Lexus is a highly-crafted piece of machinery that needs care and attention. Even simple services like replacing the air filter or fixing the spark plugs can help the engine run at its most optimal. The more you care for the engine, the longer your vehicle will run problem-free.

4. You Are Kept Safe

It’s not just about having a vehicle you know is safe. It’s about having the peace of mind that comes with knowing a trusted Lexus technician has taken a look at your vehicle and given you the go-ahead. Whether you’re heading out on the highway or making a short trip to the grocery store, you want a vehicle you can rely on.

5. Keep Resale Value High

One day you may decide to part with your Lexus. Maybe you want to get into a newer model or you need something different due to changing life circumstances. Whatever the case, you may one day decide to end the love affair. You will get far more for your Lexus on a trade-in if you’ve maintained it properly over the years. That means regular service appointments and a little bit of extra TLC.