On October 9th, 2018, Edmonton city council approved another year of using calcium chloride brine and salt as a way to de-ice main roads, streets, and highways (including the Anthony Henday). Many Edmontonians complained that the salt was rusting their vehicles, bikes and garage pads. However, city officials said salt was essential for safe driving in winter and made the city look less dirty.

So… what does this mean for your Lexus?

Calcium chloride brine has no corrosion inhibitor to keep it from rusting metal. That means that the undercarriage of your Lexus is at serious risk for rust and damage. Other parts at risk for salt damage include your exhaust system, muffler, subframe, coil springs, and hydraulic brake system.

How Do I Prevent My Lexus From Rusting?

At Lexus South Pointe, we offer a comprehensive protection package for your Lexus that includes a silicon-based undercoat. Silicon bonds with the metal and is by far the most effective way to prevent the damaging effects of salt on your vehicle. Silicon also protects the electrical components of your vehicle while making sure they don’t dry out or crack.

With Edmonton city crews continuing to spray calcium chloride brine and other toxics salts on the roadways this winter, your best line of defense is a protecting undercarriage spray from Lexus South Pointe. This will help keep your Lexus looking beautiful while protecting its most important elements such as brake and fuel lines.

Protect Your Vehicle on Edmonton Winter Roads

The Lexus South Pointe comprehensive protection package and undercoating spray works to protect your Lexus by coating all inner-surfaces and cracks. It doesn’t harm any electrical parts or wiring, either. By applying it to preexisting holes and coating the entire bottom exterior of the vehicle, we don’t just increase the longevity of your vehicle; we keep it running longer and healthier for winters to come. Prevent rust and maintain your vehicle’s resale value with an undercoating spray today!