A demo car is a vehicle that has been driven by a dealership’s staff or has been used in test-drives for customers, particularly when popular new models are in short supply. Depending on what it’s used for, demo cars can have anywhere between 1,000 and 4,000 kilometers on their odometers.

Demo cars are often confused for previously owned vehicles because they already have kilometers on them. However, because they have never been registered, demo cars are still legally considered new. Once a vehicle has been registered, it then becomes classified as a previously owned vehicle.

Why Should You Buy a Demo Car?

Since demo cars have never been sold or registered before, they are still considered new vehicles. This means they qualify for rebates, special financing, and a new car warranty. And, because they already have kilometers on them, dealerships will price them significantly lower than a comparable new car.

Buying a demo car is essentially like owning a brand new vehicle, only you’re buying it at a reduced cost. Demo cars typically have little-to-no wear-and-tear on them and most dealerships pride themselves on meticulously caring for them. Plus, with a demo vehicle, you have a verifiable and trustworthy vehicle history directly from the dealer!

If you’re shopping on a budget but want the luxury of a new car, then a demo is the perfect option. A demo car gives you all the benefits of owning a brand new vehicle (including a manufacturer’s warranty) while still being coupled with significant savings.

Save Big on New Lexus Demo Cars in Edmonton

When you purchase a demo car from Lexus South Pointe, you get a beautiful new Lexus backed by the most service-focused network of dealers in the industry. Even more so, your demo Lexus is protected by the same comprehensive care offered with the Lexus warranty, including all servicing which is performed by Lexus-trained technicians using Lexus Genuine parts and is available at any Lexus Dealership in North America.

You belong in a Lexus. Buying a Lexus demo affords you the opportunity to enjoy the quality of a Lexus vehicle for less. Take a Lexus demo for a test drive today.