You and your Lexus have just been in a car accident. Now what?

First, make sure everyone involved is alright. Your safety is our first concern. Once you have established that, you can move on to the next step.

Your Lexus is Drivable

If both vehicles are still drivable and all parties involved have proper documentation, you do not need to call the police. After you have exchanged information, visit your nearest police station and file a collision report.

Then bring your vehicle to Lexus South Pointe located at 830 100 St SW, Edmonton, AB. We will make sure your Lexus is given to a trustworthy body shop that has extensive experience working with luxury vehicles. This way we can make 100% sure that ONLY Lexus Manufactured Parts are used for any and all repairs on your vehicle.

Your Lexus is Not Drivable

If you can’t drive your vehicle after the accident, you need to call the Edmonton Police 780-423-4567 (or #377 from your mobile phone) so they can visit the scene. Then you can exchange information with the drivers involved.

Before you call a tow driver, CALL US +1 (780) 989-2222. We can consult with you to determine which body shop is most convenient for you and will properly take care of your Lexus. We can provide numerous addresses and all the information you will need once you’re ready to call a tow truck. We will call the body shop and let them know to expect you and your vehicle.

The Lexus South Pointe Promise

Lexus South Pointe will do everything in our power to get your Lexus looking and driving like new again. We will work closely with the body shop you choose to ensure only Lexus Manufactured Parts are used. We will also supply you with the body shops’ information so you can contact them at any point for updates.

For More Information on What To Do After a Collision, Visit The Edmonton Police Service Website.