Demo cars are vehicles that have been used in test drives or have been driven for a brief period of time by dealership managers. Demo cars are always kept in impeccable condition and have very few kilometers on them. In most cases, demo vehicles have less than 20,000 kilometers on them.

Demo vehicles are fast becoming a popular buying option in 2017. Why? In addition to lower pricing, demo cars qualify for significant rebates, special financing plans, and a new car warranty. Here are five more reasons why demo vehicles are becoming a popular option for buyers in Edmonton.

#1 You Can Finally Afford the Lexus You’ve Always Wanted

Have you always wanted to own a Lexus but didn’t think you could afford it? Demo cars are essentially brand new vehicles but because they have kilometers on them, their selling price has been greatly reduced. They also come with additional rebates and incentives. Meaning, you get the look and feel of a brand new Lexus for a significantly smaller price tag, with even more rebates piled on top! As well, a lot of demo vehicles come with accessories already installed in them.

#2 Demo Cars are in Excellent Condition

Demo cars are almost always driven by a dealership’s General Manager or upper management. They are treated well, kept impeccably clean and driven respectfully. They are always left in excellent condition and in most cases, are cleaned every day. While the occasional mark or scuff may be evident, they are always made fully aware to the buyer and in most cases, are accompanied with a price discount.

#3 Demo Cars Still Have Warranty

Because a demo vehicle has never been registered it is still considered new. That means it qualifies for Lexus’s New Vehicle Warranty. This warranty provides protection from potential defects in manufacturing materials or workmanship, with service that is always performed by Lexus-trained technicians using Lexus Genuine parts and is available at any Lexus Dealership in North America.

#4 You Have a Verifiable Vehicle History Directly From the Dealer

A dealership knows everything about the history of a particular demo vehicle. After all, they have been the ones to drive it! In situations where the demo car has been used in test drives, you can know with confidence it has been cared for and cleaned on an almost-daily basis. This is because they are the first point of contact between a dealership and a prospective client! So they are treated with the utmost respect.

#5 You Qualify for New Vehicle Financing

Financing rates tend to be much higher on used vehicles than they are with new ones. However, when you buy a demo vehicle you qualify for new vehicle financing rates. If the demo vehicle you want to purchase is accompanied with a low rate of financing, then you can finance it at that rate.

Why Buy a Demo Car?

When you purchase a demo vehicle from Lexus South Pointe, you enjoy the best of all the worlds. You get significantly reduced pricing on what is considered a brand new Lexus. You qualify for new financing rates and Lexus’s New Vehicle Warranty. PLUS, you have the entire history of the vehicle directly from the dealership. Now you see why more Albertans are buying demo vehicles than ever before!